Kasol – November 2013


Spread out along the lovely Parvati River and with mountain views to the ortheast, Kasoll is the main traveller hang-out in the valley. It’s a small village, but overrun with reggae bars, bakeries, internet cafes and cheap guesthouses catering to a largely hippie/Israeli crowd, You’ll either love it or loathe it. Still, it’s an easy base from which to explore the forested valley or just chill out.


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Exploring Uttranchal – Munsiyari_March2014


Munsiyari is located at height of 3853 Metres ( 12634 Feet) Above Sea Level, in Uttarakhand State, India, Munsiyari is located 650 Kms from National capital Delhi and 125 Kms from Pithoragarh, Drive to Munsiyari from Pithoragarh is full of beautiful scenes and falls and one can enjoy change of floara and fauna by gaining heights, One can see chir trees to Deodar , to Surai, to Spur to Paper to rhododendrons, There is a midway village named Nachani , one can have food , stay places at Nachani, Namic glacier which originates Ramganga is situated at Nachani only, While going for onwards journey one can see many water falls, sulphur springs, and beautiful Vrithi fall ( water falls from 410 mtrs), One can enjoy cool breeze on higher mountains with breathtaking view of Panchachului .

Munsiyari is a new discovery as a tourist place in Uttarakhand , till recently Munsiyari was a restricted area in Himalayan inner line wedged in between borders of India , China & Nepal, restrctions have eased now, It has placed Munsiyari on tourist map.


– First break of the ride.. Breakfast @ Gajrola


Bheem Tal


Stretching out @ Bheem Tal


Somewhere on the way..


Ready to start Day 2


Almora to Pithoragarh


Brithi Falls


Tea break @ Lakhan’s Tea Shop, Quitty


Following the Sun

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Break on the way from Almora to Pithoragarh

Break on the way from Almora to Pithoragarh


Panchauli Peak

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